Fix secret sprawl
Build secure products

Infrastructure to protect sensitive data, like large companies do. Built-in solutions to prevent data-leaks and simplify governance.
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// no access to plaintext secrets

Secrets management for modern infra

Use CommandK's infrastructure-as-a-service to manage storage, consumption, & control access. Automate backups & rotation to always be secure.

Use the central dashboard to visualize the proliferation of secrets & tools to fix the most critical attack vectors.
// single API to protect PII

Protect PII from creation to consumption

Use built-in solutions to protect PII data with no additional development. Anonymize PII at source & implement approval-based access to plaintext data.

Give GRC teams the tools to visualize & preemptively fix data-breach attack vectors.
// damage control, leak prevention

Control sensitive
data leaks

CommandK scans your everyday tools to discover any sensitive data shared in plaintext. Use the triaging workflow to analyze and remediate leaked sensitive data.
// compliance on auto-pilot

Accelerate your compliance initiatives

CommandK continuously checks your sensitive data against various controls required by regulatory & compliance standards, such as SOC-2, PCI, and HIPAA.
// RBAC controls with just-in-time role elevations

Zero-trust, time-based access control

Integrate with your SSO provider and manage fine-grained role-based access controls. Use built-in approval workflows such as double-reviewer and break-the-glass for modifying critical entities.
// hosted in your private cloud

Sensitive data remains in your infrastructure

CommandK is installed in your VPC, ensuring sensitive data never leaves your network perimeter. Maintain CommandK yourself or use our managed services for assisted maintenance.
// backing commandk
commandk is in private-beta
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